VETAQ is a new and ambitious company in the field of aquatic health and welfare. The company consist of experienced veterinarians with a broad background from both the Norwegian and the Icelandic fish farming industry. We provide up-to-date competence, and we constantly work to provide the industry with hands-on knowledge and valuable service.

VETAQ sees the value of incorporating welfare and health management as an active part of the farm overall management. Working closely with management as well as the farming staff is crucial in that context. Here, the need for knowledge and training on fish health, welfare and biosecurity is crucial for biological optimization as well as motivation and last but not least early detection and intervention of any issues compromising the health and welfare.

Our office lies on the second floor of Múrbuðin in Hafnarfjörður. We have a great area at our disposal that is well suited for future growth. At this site we also have a meeting room, suited for 6-10 people with both a large screen and camera for online meetings. The meeting room will also work as a classroom for educational purposes within the fields of fish health and welfare, hygiene and biosecurity and medicine use.

Across the street from our office lies the wet lab. We use this lab to conduct autopsy, sample handling and other veterinary tasks. Our lab is slowly developing to meet our customers’ needs and to be a fully operational wet lab with emphasis on top quality.

The people behind VETAQ

Bernharð Laxdal
Senior veterinarian and fish health specialist
+354 843-0020

Dan Roger Lid
+354 777-2716

Kristrún H. Kristþórsdóttir
Senior veterinarian
+354 698-2716

Lína Björk Magnúsdóttir

+354 778-8979

Guðrún H. Guðjónsdóttir
Junior veterinarian
+354 844-1401